Who we Are: Dream Catcher's, Inc. Enrich, Empower, Educate

Our Dream Girl's Rock!!!

Our focus is to help our Dream Girl's, Inc. build character and to form a sisterhood, as well as preparing them to transition to become successful young women by encompassing our Dream Catcher's, Inc. core values (Enrichment, Empowerment, and Educate) and helping our Dream Girls turn their dreams into realities.

A dream     +        Vision  +               Action = Reality!

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What Services Are Provided

Our "Dream Girl's" Rock! Dream Girl's, Inc. is for girls ages 12-17 and is a year round program. Offering:

  • Sisterhood
  • Empowerment
  • Discussion Groups
  • Movie Nights
  • College Tour
  • Annual Luncheon
  • Character Building and much more